Modeled after the 8 Wonders of Kansas program initiated by the Kansas Sampler Foundation, the 8 Wonders of Wichita County celebrates the remarkable assets that people can experience right here in Wichita County.

And the winners are…

  • Architecture: Wichita County Courthouse
    The Wichita County Courthouse was completed in 1917 and built in a plantation style. Located at 206 South 4th Street, Leoti.
  • Art: Chuck Bonner Murals at the Museum of the Great Plains
    Commissioned in 2007, these three murals depict the prehistoric era of western Kansas and honors Wichita County native and paleontologist Marion Bonner. Chuck Bonner, Marion’s son, is the artist. Located at 201 North 4th Street, Leoti. 620.375. 2316
  • Commerce: Cargill Cattle Feeders
    One of the largest commercial cattle feeders in the United States, with 120,000 head, it is located 7 miles north of Leoti on Highway 25. 620. 375.2255
  • Cuisine: Charlie’s Mexican Restaurant
    An authentic Mexican food restaurant owned by the Campas family since 1961. Located at 510 East Broadway, Leoti. 620.375.4541
  • Customs: Wichita County Fair & Carnival
    Famous for the community-owned and operated carnival and its 25 cent rides and games, the 100+ year old fair also features many long standing traditions such as the parade, Old Settlers’ Breakfast, rodeo and turtle race. Held the first weekend in August each year. July 30—August 2, 2008. Located at 800 East “M” Street.
  • Geography: White Woman Creek
    White Woman Creek got its name following an Indian attack in the late 1860’s. An Indian war party attacked homesteads in the area, including an Army ambulance. A mutilated body of a soldier was found in the ambulance carnage and settlers later learned that a woman was traveling with the ambulance and was kidnapped by the Indians. The woman, to avoid the same tortures she had seen inflicted upon the ambulance driver, stole a rope from the Indians while they camped, ran to a tree on the banks of this little stream and hanged herself before her captors could stop her. From that time, the story goes, the Indians called this stream White Woman Creek. The creek runs through the western and southern parts of the country.
  • History: Leoti-Coronado County Seat Fight
    Billed as one of the bloodiest county seat fights in Kansas, the cities of Leoti and Coronado battled for the right to be the county seat on February 27, 1887. Visit the Museum of the Great Plains to see Old Leoti City and county seat fight displays, 201 North 4th, Leoti 620-375-2316
  • People: Steve Tasker, former Buffalo Bills player
    Maybe Wichita County’s most famous son, Steve Tasker played in 4 Super Bowls as a special teams player with the Buffalo Bills and was named MVP of the 1993 NFL Pro Bowl. Visit the Steve Tasker display at the Museum of the Great Plains, 201 North 4th, Leoti. 620.375.2316