Wichita County Economic Development, Inc. Revolving Loan Fund Guidelines

Current interest rate is based off of New York Prime of 3.25% with a floor of 2%. Wichita County is an equal opportunity lender.

Wichita County Neighborhood Revitalization Plan

The Neighborhood Revitalization Plan offers tax rebates for 10 years for projects that increase your properties assessed value at least $5,000. Applications must be turned in before the project begins. Applications can be obtained in the Wichita County Appraisers’ Office or in the Wichita County Economic Development office.

Wichita County Economic Development Mini-Grant Application

The purpose of this program is to improve the appearance and functionality of commercial properties located in Wichita County. Improving the appearance and functionality of commercial buildings is part of an overall strategy to attract consumers and new businesses as well as to support existing businesses in Wichita County.