Wichita County Economic Development, Inc. was established as a 501(c)(3) non-profit in 1996 for the purpose of economic and community development in Wichita County.

In 1999, Wichita County was designated a Rural Enterprise Community through the Federal Empowerment Zones/Enterprise Communities initiative. This designation provides for assistance through USDA Rural Development with business and community development needs. Through this designation, Wichita County Economic Development has established a Revolving Loan Fund to assist new businesses with start-up needs and existing businesses with expansion needs. The Wichita County Business CARE Center and Incubator was also developed to assist businesses through education and start-up assistance.

Wichita County Economic Development is directed by a 16-member board that includes representatives from city, council, education, banking, business, agriculture, senior citizens, and youth and minority populations. The organization was managed until 2011 by Sharla Krenzel. Following Sharla’s retirement, Simone Elder served as Director until 2015, when current Director Diana Kirk took the helm.

Wichita County Economic Development, Inc.’s Mission Statement and Vision Statement

Wichita County Economic Development, Inc. is a diverse group of motivated community leaders dedicated to promoting economic growth and stability by providing progressive leadership to achieve a prosperous, vibrant, and creative environment for the betterment of Wichita County.

Wichita County Economic Development, Inc. will stimulate and rejuvenate Wichita County through unified community partnerships and creative resources to attain:

– Innovative agriculture and industry, and successful businesses,

Superior education,

Progressive health care,

Strong infrastructure, and

Diverse recreational and cultural opportunities

in a friendly, positive, and safe environment.

Wichita County Economic Development, Inc. believes in the support of budding and existing entrepreneurs, the engagement of youth and alumni, and the fact that life is pretty great in our corner of the world!

For more information about Wichita County Economic Development, Inc., the EZ/EC designations, or its business opportunities, contact Director Diana Kirk at 620-375-2182 or wced@wbsnet.org.