Our office maintains maps of the county, ownership and valuation records of each property in the county. By Kansas statute our office is responsible for the valuation of all property in Wichita County, which includes real estate, personal property, oil and gas. Please contact our office with any questions you may have about your property.

Documents Available in the Appraiser's Office are:
  • Property Record Card (PRC) PRC's- Display land description/Acres or square feet/ownership, and building information
  • Sales Information for Certified Appraiser's only- Appraiser's Office does not do comp research
  • Queries- Example( Ownership of Land Owners With 10 Acres or More)
Assessment Deadlines
  • Change of Value Notices Mail by March 31 with an Appraised Value as of January
  • New Construction is valued as of January 1
  • Oil and Gas Assessments due January 1 through April 1
  • Personal Property Assessments due January 1 through March 15
Sales Information
  • This Information is Not Public Record.
  • This Office Does Not Do Abstract Work.
  • This Office Does Not Have Property Line Information.
  • This Office Does Not Research Comparable Sales Information for Fee Appraisers.
  • This Office Keeps a Sales Book for Real Estate and Can Be Viewed by a Licensed Fee Appraiser Only.





Deputy Appraiser/
Office Manager

Tammy Landis

Personal Property Clerk